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Characteristics of bearing installation
Feb 25, 2016

Wheel bearing before installation, first check the mounting surface of the host, requiring support shall have sufficient strength, surface machining, surface free of debris and burrs. Cannot be machined to achieve the required flatness, special plastic injected intensity can be used for stuffing, to ensure the accuracy of the surface and to reduce vibration.

Slewing rings have hardened soft bands, on the ferrule end face is marked "s" should be installed so that the soft band under non-load or non-standard load area (saizikong always in the soft zone).

When you install the wheel bearing, advanced practice orientation, cross-tighten the mounting bolts and check the rotation of bearings. Tighten the bolts should be adequate preload, the preload bolt yield limit of material should be 70%. Mounting bolts should be completed with quenched and tempered flat washers and prohibited the use of spring washers.