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4.092/MR0014 High Quality Combined Bearings
Aug 14, 2017

4.092/MR0014 high quality combined bearings can be suitable for different working environment

Products can be suitable for different working according to products’ structure,pls check the following picture.

One style is with NBR seal,which only can work in conventional working environment,use common grease.

Another style is with Retainer structure,which can work in high temperature envioroment.Of coure also need high temperature grease.

4.092/MR0014 Combined Bearings

Adjustable combined bearings 4.090/MR0012  4.091/MR0013  4.092/MR0014  4.093/MR0015  are common models for CNJDB combined bearings factory.

And these adjustable combined bearings have two adjustable structures,KRES structure and Octagonal structure. All decided by customers’ requires.